Project Summaries

HGC Thistle

The following summaries provide brief descriptions of the project history and experience of Highland GeoComputing, LLC.

The companies HGC has been fortunate enough to work for represent some of the best mining and engineering companies in the world. HGC is proud to be able to provide assistance when asked.

Weir International, Inc.

HGC compiled more than 3,000 drill holes over a vast area of eastern Kentucky in Harlan, Knott, Leslie, Letcher, and Perry counties. HGC compiled a single comprehensive coal seam correlation and developed detailed geolopgical reserve models. HGC then compiled detailed resource and reserve estimates for the reamining coal in the region.

Lighthouse Resrouces, Inc.

HGC performed detailed geostatistical anaysis of the Decker Mine geology. The results of the geostatistics prodived quantitative values for distances between exploration drill holes.

Pacific American Coal Limited

HGC outlined and performed on-site geological mapping and ground truthing for the Elko Resrouce area in British Columbia. Using the results of the field project, HGC prepared a JORC resource report for the Elko Project.

Trapper Mining Inc.

Annually updates the geological models for the Williams Fork Mountain Tract project area. HGC outlined proposed mining pits and updated comprehensive resource estimates. HGC mapped several significant faults zones in 2015.

Colowyo Coal Company

Installed DHDB at the minesite. HGC updates the geological model quarterly to include mine survey data.
Updated the Colowyo Resource and Protection Plan (R2P2).

Tetra Tech, Inc Decker Coal Company

Worked jointly with Tetra Tech to compile JORC coal resource estimates and reports for the Decker Coal Mine.

Texas and Oklahoma Coal Company (USA), LLC

Prepared Exploration Target Summaries based on the JORC Code for several properties located Oklahome, Colorado and British Columbia. Prepared a high level summary of the coal mining potential of the Yukon Territory.

Ambre Energy North America

Developed a comprehensive Land Management Database for all North American operations. Also re-developed a reclamation history database for the Black Butte and Decker operations.

Klohn Croppen Berger, Ltd Athabasca Regional Geologial Model

Compiled over 30,000 drill holes into a DHDB database from various sources. Merged unit correlations into a single nomenclature. Built a geological model covering an area 102km by 98km including numerous inclined faults.

BHP Billiton New Mexico Operations

Reviewed drilling and coal quality data for a new expansion area. HGC validated the coal quality data and updated coal seam correlations.

Ambre Energy North America

Prepared serveral geological reserve models for coal and oil shale projects for Ambre Energy North America. Ambre Energy used these models for acquisistion of several coal operations in the western U.S.

Ambre Energy uses DHDB as their primary drill hole database system. HGC provided installation, training and support for Ambre Energy personnel in the US and Australia.

Trapper Mining, Inc. Williams Fork Mountain Tract

Correlated and Re-modeled the drill hole data for an coal tract adjacent to the exsisting Tapper mine. HGC also developed pro-forma mining plans and costs to assit Trapper with long-term development plans.

Linc Energy Stateline Lignite Project

Compiled a detailed drill hole database and geological reserve model for a large lignite property in Montana and North Dakota. HGC calculated a pro-forma mine plan with detailed resource estimates to prepare and initial JORC resource statement for the property.

United Coal Company

United Coal Company acquired DHDB as their primary drill hole database system. HGC provided installation, training and support for UCC personnel.

CONSOL Energy Fola Operations

Performed a comprehensive geological resource study for CONSOL's Fola Operations in Fola, West Virginia. The geological data for Fola had been collected over many years and numerous acquisitions. However, these data had never been compiled into a single database, modeled or had comprehensive resources compiled. The project consisted of scanning more than 2,000 drill holes into PDF format. HGC then rebuilt comprehensive a lithological and coal quality database. HGC perormed detailed coal seam and sand unit correlations across the project area. HGC created a large area stratigraphic model of all coal seams and the primary sandstone units. HGC then compiled detailed resource and reserve estimated across the Fola project area.

HGC performed a comprehensive geological resource study of CONSOL's Fola Operations - South Area. This project was the next phase of the large Fola project included drill hole data south of the first Fola project.

Peace River Coal, Inc. Roman Project Area - Trend Mine Area

Prepared a detailed geological audit of the Roman Project Area and the Trend Mine Area. The audit ranked levels of completion for geological tasks and components with respect to PRC's drill hole databases and geological models.

Kennecott Uranium Company Rio Tinto Energy America

Compiled In-Situ Uranium Resource Estimates for six (6) properties held by the Green Mountain Mining Venture (GMMV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kennecott Uranium Company. HGC developed detailed Block Model estimating uranium grade for each property.

HGC assisted Kennecott Uranium Company scan and process close to 10,000 drill holes for multiple uranium deposits in Wyoming. Customized DHDB to store all of the drill hole data. Developed custom programs in DHDB to load, and convert geophysical log Gamma counts into uranium grade. Acquired the Neuralog geophysical log processing software to trace gamma log data for the drill hole data.

Marston & Marston, Inc.

Assisted Marston in performing a technical review of geological models for the Ovoot Tolgoi coal deposit in southern Mongolia.

Colowyo Coal Company, LP Rio Tinto Energy America

HGC managed the geological information collecting during the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Collom Exploration projects and the 2006, 2007 and 2008 South Taylor Exploration projects. HGC developed programs in DHDB to efficiently enter and store comprehensive geotechnical information in conjunction with lithological and coal quality information. HGC expanded the geological reserve model of Colowyo to include all mineable resources in the area.

HGC prepared year-end annual resource and reserve reports for the Colowyo mine for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. HGC reviewed the year-end reserve reports for the Decker Mine on behalf of RTEA in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

HGC prepared the “South Taylor Geology Feasibility Report” as part of the South Taylor Mine development project. HGC prepared the Collom Area Geology Pre-Feasibility report for Collom Mine Area as part of the Collom Area Mine development project.

HGC, in conjunction with Dodd and Dodd, Associates and CoalGeo, LLC, prepared a Competitor Analysis Summary of the mines in Colorado competing with Colowyo. RTEA marketing personnel used the report to gague Colowyo's future position in the coal markets of western Colorado.

Corporate Projects Rio Tinto Energy America

HGC compiled geological and mining summary reports for each Rio Tinto coal property to be submitted on behalf of the Rio Tinto competent person. HGC reviewed mining recoveries for each Rio Tinto coal property to determine the tonnage of ash and moisture shipped annually.

Quality Control Department Kiewit Mining Group

HGC developed a database to store and report Quality Control incidents for Kiewit Mining Group. The Access based front-end is linked to tables in SharePoint. Thus Kiewit quality control personnel from Wyoming, Montana, Texas and Nebraska can all effectively utilitize the central data via a local front-end. The database and reports reduce the time required to compile monthly quality data from more than a day to minutes.

Environmental and Permitting Department Kiewit Mining Group

HGC developed an Access database to store and report Reclamation History for the Decker and Buckskin mines. The database provides comprehensive input of all data related to each mines' reclamation history. The database reduce the time required to prepare annual reports and greatly expanded Kiewit's knowledge base, while streamlining reclamation history data.

Black Butte Coal Company Kiewit Mining Group

HGC updated the geological models for the Pit 14 mine area. HGC prepared a detailed suite of maps and reserves for BBCC as a marketing tool for Pit 14. HGC prepared detailed geological cross-sections for the Pit 14 permit.

HGC developed a post-mine topography map for Pit 9 reclamation.

HGC performed a 30 hole exploration drilling and coal sampling program for the Black Butte Mine. The program consisted of coal core sampling, monitor well installation and geotechnical logging of continuous core holes.

Washington Group International

HGC worked in conjunction with WGI to update four multi-seam structurally complex geological reserve models at the TransAlta Centralia Mine. Updated DHDB to incude washability and designed a utility in Access to determine product quality (yield, ash, sulfur and Btu) from washability data.

Ark Land Company

Developed geological models for a coal mine in southwestern Wyoming. Processed geophysical logs for geological correlation.

North Rochelle Mine Triton Coal Company, LLC

Updated the coal quality model for the North Rochelle mine. Updated procedures for reporting composite coal quality for mine planning.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd

Correlated overburden strata for more than 1,200 drill holes for an oil sand mine in Alberta. HGC also prepared a detailed drill hole database and stratigraphic model for KCBL.